Using Biomarkers of Neurological Injury to Predict Cognitive Decline After Cardiac and Non-Cardiac Anaesthesia and Surgery

Some Background:

When nerves in the central nervous system are damaged or injured, they release certain proteins, neurofilament and tau. These proteins are measurable in blood and are used to help with diagnoses of various nervous system diseases. Research has recently found that these proteins also increase after anaesthesia and surgery.

This study is looking at how much these proteins increase after anaesthesia and surgery and how these increases are related to patients’ cognition.

What is involved?

  • Cognitive testing of around 60-90 minutes, including:
    • Memory tests and puzzles and some questionnaires at a few different time points:
      • The week before your surgery
      • Shortly after surgery
      • Three months after surgery
      • This can take place at the hospital, at your home or a place that is convenient to you
  • We will also ask you to answer a few brief questions each day you are in hospital
  • Blood samples at:
    • Baseline
    • 6 hours after surgery
    • 24 hours after surgery
    • Discharge
    • Approximately 6 weeks after surgery

For more information:

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