Current Studies


Perioperative Enhancement of Cognitive Trajectory

The aim of this study is to see whether certain lifestyle changes before surgery may lessen the risk of cognitive decline after surgery.

The AHEAD Study

Are Healthcare interventions Exacerbating Alzheimer’s Disease?

This is investigating the effects of surgery and anaesthesia on those with existing memory decline prior to surgery. 


Biomarker Use in Evidence of Neuronal Damage in Response to Anaesthesia and Surgery

The BOUNDARY study is investigating whether the type of anaesthesia given to patients over 65, who are undergoing non-cardiac surgery, influences cognition and proteins found in the blood.

The BRAIN-S Study

Using Biomarkers of Neurological Injury to Predict Cognitive Decline After Cardiac and Non-Cardiac Anaesthesia and Surgery

This study is looking at the levels of the proteins neurofilament and tau after anaesthesia and surgery and how these levels are related to patients’ cognition.