Centre for Anaesthesia and Cognitive Function


The CAPACITY study is investigating cognitive outcomes following total knee and total hip joint replacements in patients 60 years and older. This involves the sampling of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) prior to administration of spinal anaesthetic, commonly used for orthopaedic surgery. CSF is known to contain proteins which may be predictive of later life cognitive decline. Participants are enrolled in the study while on the waiting list for surgery, and complete memory puzzles prior to surgery and up to 18 months following surgery.

Time points include:

  • 7 days prior to surgery
  • 1 day prior to surgery
  • 3 months after surgery
  • 12 months after surgery
  • 18 months after surgery

The memory tests will take between an hour and an hour and a half. They involve completing puzzles on paper and simple tasks on a touch screen computer. At each time point we are happy to come to the participant’s home or convenient location.

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